Focus is looking for an intern developer that can help us with diverse back-end and front-end challenges. You will be guided by an experienced full stack developer but will be given large degrees of freedom and serious responsibility. We can offer a Startup work environment in the Erasmus centre for entrepreneurship with all the benefits that come with it. There is a bar in the building and we like to hang out outside of work. We can offer a decent salary but since we are a Startup, we cannot offer you what big tech companies can. If we find the perfect match, we can offer a permanent position in our team in the future. 

Focus has developed an algorithm that can successfully rank order patents based on their technological importance. We (Thijs & Jard) have been working on the project for 1.5 years and have recently raised seed funding from VC investors UNIIQ. After multiple successful pilot projects on a relatively small scale, we are now scaling up and are almost ready to start major projects with some of the biggest names in tech.

Are you interested in working with a promising Startup that has multiple projects with big tech companies in the pipeline? Don’t hesitate and send us a message!